Intel Investigations, LLC provides professional and thorough investigations to our corporate and private sector clients.  Our team of investigators has a proven success record in obtaining Human Intelligence and Forensic Evidence essential in criminal and civil prosecutions.  It’s been said that a picture/video is worth a 1,000 words.  By combining detailed written reports along with photographic/video documentation, your ability to substantiate your claim is vastly improved.  Having been deemed as Expert Witnesses by the State of New York, with years of experience in courtroom testimony, our clients have come to rely on Intel Investigations, LLC for complete discretion and due diligence in all aspects of their investigation.


Source Handling, Intelligence Fusion Training (SHIFT)

Incorporating real world experience, Intel Investigations, LLC provides platform instruction to a diverse customer base committed to enhancing Counter Terrorism efforts, both, domestically and internationally, with a course of instruction entitled; “ SHIFT”, Source Handling, and Intelligence-Fusion Training.

Our clients include Naval Special Warfare Groups deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan where the focus of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is critical for mission success and US law enforcement agencies where utilization of these skill sets, empowers officers to take a simple arrest and enhance it to the next higher level of investigation.

The “SHIFT” course is designed to change the mindset of traditional investigations and create awareness to “out of the box” thinking for greater effectiveness in source handling, regardless of the environment or the subject.

Risk/Threat Assessment:

Because of an uncertain and unpredictable world, home invasions, travel and event security has been brought to the forefront of many High Risk/Net Worth individuals and their families. Principals, who previously thought of themselves as immune to threats or violent attacks, now have to strike a balance between remaining effective in their profession while ensuring a realistic security protocol for their private life.

At Intel Investigations we understand. By creating an accurate Risk/Threat Assessment product exponentially our client’s safety.

“Nothing is Irrelevant”