“Nothing is Irrelevant”

A Roanoke, Virginia Based Company

(540) 521-4111

Intel Investigations & Security, LLC is a veteran owned registered small business, comprised of true investigative professionals from the renowned  New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Division, Diplomatic Security Unit and the United States Marine Corps with over 35 years of real world experience.

We are licensed and insured in Virginia and many other states providing exceptional services in:

  • Investigations: Private/Corporate

  • Training: Military/Law Enforcement/Private/Corporate

  • Keynote/Guest Speaker 

For more information please contact:

NYPD Sgt. Christopher Strom, Intelligence Division, Ret.

Phone: (540) 521-4111

[email protected]

DCJS # 11-6217 – VA

DCJS #11000175260 – NY

Other States we cover: FL, GA, LA, NC, WV, TN, OK

DUNS #826-698-321