NYPD Sgt. Christopher Strom, President, Intel Investigations & Security:  cstrom@cs-intel.com

Mr. Strom is a former United States Marine, (Honorably Discharged) and retired 20+ year veteran Sergeant of the NYPD Intelligence Division, finishing his career as a section leader in the Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU), a city-wide task force that responded to Live (In-Progress) terrorism incidents, as well as conducting long and short term Counter-Terrorism (CT) investigations.  As a course of his daily duties, Mr. Strom directed human and real assets during acts of terrorism, coordinating efforts with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies alongside the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

In October of 2007, Mr. Strom was recruited by the Joint Improvised Explosive Device-Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), a government agency that devised strategies for combatting IED’s or Roadside Bombs that were killing our soldiers and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As the lead Tactical-Debriefing Officer, Mr. Strom applied his tradecraft to a lethal insurgency, amassing over 110 combat missions and 91 captures of High Value Targets (HVT’s) in southern Iraq.

After his return from Iraq, Mr. Strom started his own company, Intel Investigations, LLC, a security services company which provides platform instruction to US Navy SEAL’s and law enforcement, specializing in Human Intelligence Collection (HUMINT), Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE), and Counter-Terrorism strategies.  Mr. Strom serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to area colleges, local television outlets as is a frequent guest on a nationally syndicated radio talk show, providing insight and expertise on law enforcement and terrorism related topics.  Mr. Strom also speaks on Situational Awareness and Active Shooter protocols to schools, churches, community groups and area hospitals.


NYPD Sgt. Michael O’Neill: moneill@cs-intel.com

Michael O’Neill, retired 22+ veteran sergeant of the NYPD Intelligence Division, finishing his career as a section leader in the Dignitary Protection Unit (DPU), providing human assets to federal, state, visiting heads of state on a 24 hour / 7-days a week schedule. Mr. O’Neill has served as the lead instructor and co-authored the curriculum for the NYPD Dignitary Protection course, providing training in Executive Protection to NYPD officers, as well as cross-training with US State Department, Secret Service and other Department of Defense personnel.

Mr. O’Neill also directed security operations for United Nations General Assembly during the last three (3) years of his tenure, a daunting task that involved the command and control of over 400 NYPD personnel, ensuring the security and safety of foreign and domestic guests who attended the session.